Monday, August 12, 2013

Kaai kadubu

Kaai kadubu


 For outer casing

 Rice flour (Should be very fine)   1 cup
 Salt                                                1 pinch
Refined oil                                     1 table spoon

For filling

Coconut                                         1 big, grated
Jaggery                                          1/2 cup ( or to taste), powdered 
Cardamom powder                       1 pinch


Preparation of filling

Take Jaggery in a pan and heat it with little water till Jaggery melts completely.
Add grated coconut and mix well.  As soon as you add coconut and Jaggery   mixture will become watery. Fry till water evaporates completely. Add cardamom powder and mix well. Allow to cool. This filling should be soft. Allow to cool.

Preparation of casing

Sieve rice flour and remove lumps if any.

Boil 1/½ cup of water in a thick bottom vessel. When water starts boiling remove ¼ cup of boiling water and keep it aside.

Add salt and oil to the rest of the water that is boiling. Dissolve one table spoon of rice flour in a little cold water and add this solution to the boiling water and stir.

 Sprinkle the rest of the rice flour on the boiling water slowly. Rice flour forms a layer. Do not mix at this stage. You can see water coming out here and there making holes.    Make some more holes in the flour layer with the handle of a wooden ladle, so that water comes out through those holes also. Cover the vessel with a lid and reduce the flame to minimum. Cook for ten minutes. This is a very important step. If flour is mixed with boiling water as soon as it is poured in, rice flour does not get cooked well and the dough breaks when we roll it.

Mix the flour and water well so that there are no lumps. Sprinkle the rest of water if needed, cover it with lid and cook again for 3 to 4 minutes. And cool for a few minutes.

 Grease your hands well .Place the dough on a big plate and knead it well when it is still hot. Wet your hands in between with cold water if dough is too hot to knead.

Make lemon sized bolls .Cover them with moist cloth and keep aside. Do not allow them to dry. Take a few bolls out and roll them like poori They should  not be  too thin or too thick .Place coconut and Jaggery filling in the middle  and fold in to half. You will get a semi-circular shape. Seal the edges pressing them with wet fingers, leaving gaps at both the ends. While cooking steam escapes through these gaps. Prepare many   more like this and place them on greased plates or idli stand and steam for 5 minutes. If it is steamed for a long lime kadubu breaks.
Kai kadubu is ready to serve .

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